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plumbing servicesHome sewer problems are one of those things that a homeowner simply can’t put off fixing. Persistent sewer issues could lead to dangerous and unhealthy situations, and the inconvenience alone can make going about your daily life much more difficult.

This is why a good professional relationship with someone who provides plumbing services is key: sewer inspections, general maintenance appointments, sewer line inspections and regular septic tank pumping is essential. Depending on the number of people living in your home, professionals should pump septic tanks one every five to seven years. If you detect anything wrong with your drains or pipes, it is important to get into contact with a plumbing company for plumbing repair, or in the worst cases, sewer line repair. Here are the three most common causes of sewer line problems:

Tree Roots
The worst enemy of your home’s sewer system is tree roots. Even trees from your neighbor’s yard can pose a very serious problem. They grow into the pipes and cause holes and blockages, and can even wrap around the pipes and crush them.

Broken Sewer Lines
If your home sewer system is old, there is a pretty good chance that your sewer backup is caused by cracked or collapsed sewer lines. Get them checked out and have regular sewer inspections as preventative measures against this happening.

Your sewer lines can become clogged just in the same way that your drain pipes can, which can ultimately cause sewer backups in your home. If every drain in your house seems to be giving you resistance, you most likely have a clog in your main sewer line. Some ways to prevent this from happening include taking care not to flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet, and avoiding dumping grease down in the sink.

When it comes to sewer issues, your local plumbing services will be able to diagnose the issue and figure out the prognosis. With new technology, a collapsed or broken sewer line doesn’t necessarily implicate an expensive and inconvenient repair. Talk to your plumbing contractors to get regular inspections and learn how to treat your sewer system right.