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tampa plumbing companyFor commercial businesses, it is essential to ensure all aspects of your building are running well and up to code. When the health inspectors come to town, your business may be in trouble if any portion of the inspection fails. Such was the case at a Costco in Tampa, FL.

According to ABC Action News, the Costco Warehouse at 10921 Causeway Blvd in Brandon, FL failed multiple inspections regarding food safety and commercial plumbing regulations. Known for providing its members with brand-name merchandise at low costs, Costco has maintained a relatively positive reputation; that is, until the quality of its sanitary practices came into question by the state.

Among food mishandling and improper storing violations, the plumbing system was under fire as well. Inspectors found that the plumbing system had not been serviced by a local Tampa plumbing company in quite some time. There were several violations regarding the plumbing system, indicating that many necessary inspections had not been made.

The violation was written as “the plumbing system not maintained in good repair.” Inspectors found a clogged sewer line in the floor drain and a backflow prevention device completely missing. Backflow occurs when there is extreme back pressure or siphonage, and without a backflow prevention device, unsanitary flooding will occur.

The International Plumbing Code sets minimum regulations for backflow prevention, sanitary drainage, water heaters and more that Costco failed to meet. Among the aforementioned violations, inspectors found the warewasher’s hot water temperature at 121 degrees, when it’s supposed to be at 150 degrees or hotter to sanitize dishes properly.

A representative for the company, Craig Wilson, stated that the unsanitary areas were cleaned and that they are working closely with the health department to get things back to the way they should be.

If you run a business, don’t hesitate to contact a Tampa plumbing company to perform necessary inspections. If we’ve learned anything from Costco, it’s that plumbing problems can happen to anyone, even the biggest corporations. Check the age and status of your sewer system; if it’s over 40 years old, it may need replacing. Avoid a fate like Costco’s and hire a highly qualified Tampa plumbing company for all your commercial plumbing needs.